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Commodore Hotel Cobh

Hotels In Cobh
The Commodore Hotel in Cobh was built in 1854, consisting of fifty sitting and sleeping arrangements, two coffee rooms, a billiards room and fresh and salt water baths. The hotel is recorded to be one of the first purpose built hotel's in Ireland.

The first record of an event in the Commodore Hotel was in the Cork Examiner on May 25th 1855, after a function in honour of the Queens Viceroy in Ireland. The Lord Lieutenant-General, Lord Carlisle, whom which Fort Carlisle is named after.

The hotel ownership changed hands in 1874 and was taken over by Mr. Raymond. However the most noted owner of the hotel was Otto Humbert who owned the hotel during the time of the Lusitania sinking. The family had taken over the hotel and focused on attracting the liner traffic that passed through the harbour.
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