Escapade Cobh- Fun for everyone

Posted on: Wednesday, 26th of October 2016


Escapade is a fun and entertaining indoor activity for teams of 2 to 8 people. This fun family activity which only opened in the last four months is located in the centre of Cobh, just a 2 minute walk from the Commodore Hotel.

Escapade Cobh is a fantastic fun activity, is great for a night out with a group of friends or for an evening out with work colleagues. It is also ideal for anyone looking for things to do over the Halloween Mid-term break.

Everyone loves the excitement that Escapade Cobh has to offer. Since opening in June, it is rated on TripAdvisor as the Number 1 Five Star Fun and Games activity in Cobh.

The aim of the “Adventure Rooms” is to escape from the game within sixty minutes by solving riddles and puzzles and with the help of any clues that may be given by the Game Master that individually oversees every game.

Choose from one of these exciting options:

  • “Escape from Spike Island”
  • Take part in a “Late Night Bank Robbery” or
  • Help “Sherlock Holmes” to solve his final case before his retirement, the question is have you got what it takes to succeed?

Each activity is expanded on below

Sherlock Holmes Final Case

One last case before his retirement brings Sherlock Holmes to Queenstown in the autumn of 1915.

Prompted by Rev. Lawrence Flanagan, Sherlock comes in search of a signed and witnessed codicil to the last will and testament of Sir Hugh Lane, who died aboard the RMS Lusitania a few months before. Unknown to many, he had an office in the Cunard Office buildings and here he may have kept documents relating to his valuable art collection.

It is Sherlock’s duty to follow any clues the collector might have left in his rooms and discover the documents which will end the legal dispute about where this art collection will be permanently exhibited.

Escape from Spike Island 

Spike Island, in the middle of Cork Harbour has been an island prison for centuries but in the 1990’s it was used as correctional facility for young offenders.

You and your cell mates are imprisoned for stealing cars and racing them through the streets of your home towns.

By solving clues and breaking codes you can escape from a five year sentence!! Are you up for the challenge and will you escape the horrors of prison life? 

Please note that the Escapade Cobh Prison Cell is located in the Cunard Centre in Cobh.

Late Night Bank Robbery

This is no ordinary bank job. You are a team of professional bank robbers that have been contracted to break into the Cobh Trustee Savings Bank and transfer into an offshore account the incredible amount of €1 Billion. Your client has made some arrangements to allow you to successfully enter the bank premises in the early hours of the morning.

An accomplice employee of the bank will have left clues for you to decode and instructions to follow to allow you to access an account and transfer the money to an offshore bank account.


To book online visit The online booking facility closes 4 hours before each available time slot eg. the 2 pm slot closes for online booking at 10 am.

However bookings can often be accommodated at short notice (subject to availability). To enquire please call Rachael on 087 6790897.