Spinning Sculpture of Earth

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Spectacular rotating sculpture of the Earth is coming to Cobh Cathedral!

From the 15th of June to the 26th of June you can see the amazing sculpture for free at St.Colmans Cathedral in Cobh just a 5 minute walk from the Commodore Hotel.

The sculpture measures seven metres in diameter and it rotates every four minutes. There couldn't be a better venue for it than Cobh cathedral, which is the tallest church in Ireland, with one of the highest vaulted ceilings.

Garry and Anne Wilson of Belvelly Castle have worked in collaboration with Bishop Crean to bring this epic sculpture by Luke Jerram to Cobh this summer, alongside the Cork Midsummer Festival.

This sculpture is designed to give onlookers 'The Overview Effect' which is a term first coined by Frank White in 1987 to describe the feelings of awe that astronauts experience when they view the earth from space, as well as a new sense of responsibility for the planet's wellbeing.

The artwork is 1.8 million times smaller than the real Earth with each centimetre of the internally lit sculpture describing 18km of the Earth’s surface. By standing 211m away from the artwork, the public will be able to see the Earth as it appears from the moon.

You will be able to view the sculpture in the cathedral from 11 am to 9 pm from Monday to Friday, until 5.30 pm on Saturday, and from 2-7 pm on Sundays. It is free to visit.