Sustainability at the Commodore Hotel

The Commodore Hotel is proud to showcase some of our achievements within the last year in our sustainabilty journey of making more conscious decisions and changes to help the environment we have!  

Please see below our current achievements to date: 

Achieved in 2022

  • All areas fitted with LED lighting
  • 80% of our heat & hot warer is produced from our air to water system

Achieved in 2023

  • Reduced single use plastics by 80%
  • All of our water bottles are changing to cardboard which will reduce our single use plastic
  • New heat pump fitted to ensure efficient delivery to all areas

Ongoing Sustainability Actions

  • All glassware fully recycled
  • Recycling or retutning 100% of all delivery packaging from our suppliers
  • Reduced food waste by 25%
  • Fitted 90% of our rooms with thermostatic heat controls
  • We are a member of the Cogb Green Hubs initiative
  • We are a member of the deposit returns scheme
  • We offer takeaway boxes to on site diners to reduce waste & work towards zero food waste
  • We are moving all our training/indiction to an online platform to reduce use of paper
  • All initiatives undertaken to eliminate our wastage of water

Many more actions and concious changes to follow